2016 Success

Nearly $1.1 million was raised, almost 13,000 donations from 7,515 individuals, and to 632 nonprofits. Thank you for helping Idaho grow stranger!

2015 Success

In 2015, Idahoans contributed nearly $1.1 Million for more than 675 nonprofit causes in communities large and small, across the state. Thank the 2015 Sponsors!

2014 Success

In 2014, we raised over $780,000 from over 7,500 donors to over 550 nonprofit organizations in 24 hours. Thank you Idaho!

2013 Success

Idaho Gives was launched in 2013 by the Idaho Nonprofit Center as a new avenue for nonprofits to reach donors. In its inaugural year, participating nonprofits raised $578,735 through 9,415 donations from 6,192 individuals directed at 541 causes.

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