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A World without Nonprofits

Can you imagine our lives without a single nonprofit? I really don’t want to think about it, but it is my job to consider the possibilities and to fight every day to support and champion our sector. 

What would happen if there were no nonprofits in Idaho? There are two sides to this story: the economic impact and the mission impact.


Member Highlight: Post Falls Food Bank

The Post Falls Food Bank started out very small in North Idaho. Now, they have extended to “operate out of a 4,000 square foot building… collecting over 1 million pounds of food a year” for Kootenai County.

Instead of distributing the food, the Post Falls Food Bank transformed into a “small ‘Mom and Pop’ style grocery market with registered guests traveling up and down [the] market aisles choosing the food they'd like.”

Executive Director, Leslie Orth, expands on the organization’s process: “All our guests are given a certain number of points with which to 'purchase' food every month. The food in the market is all assigned a point value and everyone has control over managing their budget and choosing the food items they like and need.” However, fresh produce is always “zero points with no limit.”

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