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Celebrate, Learn from, and Champion your Work

This month for CenterView I thought I might discuss a few of the things we have been working on here at the Idaho Nonprofit Center. As a nonprofit organization ourselves, we are not immune to the challenges that nonprofits face across our entire statewide sector. I hope by sharing our internal work with you, we can better support your work and also learn together.

In this article I will discuss a new tool we developed to manage the day to day highs and lows of nonprofit life, one of our learnings from event coordination and how we can better manage our income/expense, and our new approach to our monthly featured nonprofit member - based on my trip to Sandpoint last month.

I’ll start with our new tool for managing the daily (sometimes hourly) highs and lows that come along with our work for the nonprofit sector. I think all of you can relate to how it feels to chalk up several wins: maybe you got a grant you were hoping for, a sponsor came in for your annual gala, and one of your clients had an incredible personal success. Then the feelings when the low comes in: you didn’t get another grant you hoped for, or a donor decided they didn’t want to support your organization or maybe you received some negative feedback from a client.

It’s those “lows” that we tend to remember and ruminate on all too often. We don’t take the time to celebrate the highs and the wins like we should. At the Idaho Nonprofit Center we experience this ebb and flow like everyone out there. Just as quickly as you feel full and happy with success the bubble bursts and you’re right back to feeling low again.


Member Highlight: D91 Education Foundation  

 The Idaho Falls School District 91 Education Foundation has grown over the past two years and has “evolved into a granting organization offering programs to enrich educational opportunities” within the district. Executive Director, Marilou Hart, has worked for the organization since December 2014 and has seen the change firsthand.

Surveys are used to evaluate the needs of students and teachers in their community. This process has worked in the past and Hart will continue to employ it to discover future projects and to measure their successes.

The D91 Education Foundation is getting creative with their fundraising efforts. In April, they will hold the 2nd Annual Adult Spelling Bee. “Teams of three will compete to see who can ‘bee’ the better speller!”

When asked what she wished she knew before starting her position, Hart responded with: “There are more challenges managing and motivating a board of directors [than I thought]. Many dedicated and intelligent people donate their time to nonprofit boards and it is often a challenge to create a cohesive working environment to benefit the mission of the foundation.” Learn more about best board practices here.

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